Two State Solution

6AB8C925-A77C-4CE5-A621-F6EA7F0E0C45.jpegCome November, California might be voting to split up into three separate states.  If successful, here is how I see things shaking out.

Northern CA: The dirt people east of HWY 101 will be dominated by the cloud people in the Bay Area just like they’re currently being dominated so same as it ever was with San Francisco getting to send two Marxist Senators to Washington DC.

California:  Might as well just name it Los Angeles. Water flows to money, so if you are a farmer in Ventura or SLO counties, good luck. And yes, Los Angeles will be sending two Sandinistas to the Senate in DC also.

Southern CA: By God this just might work! The big question:  Are there enough conservatives left in San Diego and Orange counties to make this region a viable alternative to the status quo?Nationally the impact would be close but I imagine yet another Socialist Dem or RINO Senator would be sent back to DC counterbalanced by a bona fide Republican.

So the end result would not solve any of California’s current problems but rather (best case scenario) double them!

Rural, ag based economies will still be trodden over by urban interests with their overwhelming voter majorities.

I’ve lived in California all my life and have worked all up and down the Late Great Golden State.  I know the people and the lay of the land and I feel a two state solution would serve the people and the nation far better.  By slightly modifying the same map, nudging the blue up the coast to San Francisco…viola  Aztlán! Then we simply unify NoCal and SoCal.

Oh sure Marin County would howl… and we would probably have to frog march all the unionized State employees in Sacramento over the border into Contra Costa County but this would work.

It would work because Sacramento, Fresno and Bakersfield combined with dozens of smaller cities north of the Grapevine would have enough voter clout to compete with Orange and San Diego counties.  It would work because San Diego County still values drinking water above gaia worship.


Remember The Alamo!


I love this picture! At the time it was taken, it was actually illegal to carry this type of knife in Texas. Bowie knives illegal… in Texas. Let that sink in for a minute.

Now in the photo above, please note the gentleman on the right. Note the absolute glee on his face and today, maybe let’s celebrate people with enough balls to override their brains when the occasion calls for it. Maybe also ponder the role such people play in securing the lofty concepts of freedom and liberty.

And speaking of Texans with balls, have you seen Taylor Sheridan’s 2016 masterpiece Hell Or High Water? Well I couldn’t think of a better day to watch it.

One Equals None

While I won’t loose any sleep over Alex Jones and other nutters getting their content yanked by YouTube censors, it does raise concerns.  You see nowadays, if an event, observation or occurance isn’t on YouTube… in the minds of many, it never happened/doesn’t exist.

Which brings me to InRange TV. Karl Kasarda along with his compadre Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons have also had some content pulled by YouTube recently and that is a shame because these are some thoughtful guys coming at things from different angles. They bring a healthy sense of humor along with a bit of soul as well.

I really admire how they have responded to the YouTube censorship issue. Resiliency and redundancy baby!  I have their BitChute link on my Sepulveda Approved blogroll but haven’t figured out how to embed BitChute video into WordPress yet so for now, check them out on YouTube below.

Best Served Cold

Spent a couple hours yesterday whipping up a batch of Sepulveda’s Revenge. I won’t say it’s the finest salsa on earth but it’s close enough. Down in San Diego there’s a little taco shop I frequented, they make the best salsa on earth as far as I know.

I used to pester them for the recipe but always just got a smile and a “no can do boss, top secret.” All I was ever able to finagle out of them was “Serranos” and that was only after I assured them I was moving hundreds of miles north of San Diego County.

Now the San Joaquin Valley has plenty of great Mexican food but no creamy green taco crack so I had to use the google and started messing up the kitchen and viola! Close enough for Rock & Roll.

No I’m not going to share my recipe because it’s not mine and that taco shop down in San Diego? They were just riffing on the original that comes from Austin, Texas!

My advice is to type “creamy green taco crack” into the google and start messing up your own kitchen.