Whistling Past The Graveyard

Just a few sunny months ago the United States was embroiled in the great Yanny vs Laurel controversy.  I remember listening to the clips and I distinctly heard “Yanny” except for those times when I heard “Laurel”. The thought came to mind that I really couldn’t trust my own ears. The next thought that came to mind was…Back in the ‘70s we had a saying “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not fucking with you” and two weeks before the midterm elections, with mail bombs being intercepted at multiple prominent #resistance addresses it’s obvious somebody is fucking with us. Bigtime. The question everybody is asking is – who?   Continue reading


One Equals None

While I won’t loose any sleep over Alex Jones and other nutters getting their content yanked by YouTube censors, it does raise concerns.  You see nowadays, if an event, observation or occurance isn’t on YouTube… in the minds of many, it never happened/doesn’t exist.

Which brings me to InRange TV. Karl Kasarda along with his compadre Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons have also had some content pulled by YouTube recently and that is a shame because these are some thoughtful guys coming at things from different angles. They bring a healthy sense of humor along with a bit of soul as well.

I really admire how they have responded to the YouTube censorship issue. Resiliency and redundancy baby!  I have their BitChute link on my Sepulveda Approved blogroll but haven’t figured out how to embed BitChute video into WordPress yet so for now, check them out on YouTube below.