Instant Karma

The other day I saw a hysterical woman on my TV angrily proclaiming “I don’t want thoughts and prayers I want gun control!”

I didn’t blame her for being hysterical but I do blame her for using her son’s death to dutifully promote the gun grabber’s new favorite talking point in a state that already has severe (nigh on draconian) gun control.

So imagine my schadenfreude when the very same day, her town bursts into flames and now a day later, my fellow fickle, narcissistic  Californios are begging for prayers (and attention) even going so far as creating a special hashtag for it.



Nazis are shooting her people?  What, was there an attack on some privileged sorority house I haven’t heard about?

Oh…OK she’s talking about the Tree Of Life Synagogue? Well in that case,  while I’m sure Ms. Shoup’s parents love her, the rest of the tribe probably doesn’t want her, doesn’t need her and wishes she’d just go away.

When Words Fail

When words fail, memories have to suffice. A long time ago my wife and I were car camping our way down the Pacific Coast Highway.  We’d setup our camp at the mouth of the Carmel River just north of Big Sur and were preparing dinner when a guy pops into our camp holding a couple bottles of wine.  “If you’ve got a corkscrew, I’ve got some wine…”

Well we did have a corkscrew and Steve didn’t look like a serial killer so we ended up inviting him to share our dinner.  Good wine, food, a river and a campfire make for good conversation… long story short and to get to the point, Steve was a big ol’ Jew! Continue reading

Whistling Past The Graveyard

Just a few sunny months ago the United States was embroiled in the great Yanny vs Laurel controversy.  I remember listening to the clips and I distinctly heard “Yanny” except for those times when I heard “Laurel”. The thought came to mind that I really couldn’t trust my own ears. The next thought that came to mind was…Back in the ‘70s we had a saying “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not fucking with you” and two weeks before the midterm elections, with mail bombs being intercepted at multiple prominent #resistance addresses it’s obvious somebody is fucking with us. Bigtime. The question everybody is asking is – who?   Continue reading

Annals Of Democrat Mendacity

There’s lies, damn lies and then there’s Democrat mendacity.  Here are a couple golden oldies and another that floated to the surface just last week.

“I promise I won’t cum in your mouth.” – Bill Clinton 1995

“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” – Barack Obama 2009

“Motorists should feel completely safe coming into downtown Portland.” – Ted Wheeler 2018

Portland Mayor stands by decision to allow Antifa to block traffic, harass motorists