Oil and Water?

 I live in a purple borderland between liberals and conservatives. I am a congenital conservative but for some reason I am blessed/cursed with a wild hippy hair and liberal friends that I have to interact with. Most are good, accomplished, responsible people but they just see the world differently than I do and have different default ways of dealing with life. Cat On the other hand, I often find myself… cringing when dealing with my conservative brethren. Some of the stuff they post on teh interwebs is so knee jerk or tasteless, even I have to delete it. Tacky I have often viewed myself as a Morlock ambassador to the Eloi but for the most part it is frustrating, thankless work.  Rather than argue I try to plant seeds and sprinkle them with humor.  Every now and then one of those seeds sprouts.

Once you go Morlock, you can never go back

Once you go Morlock, you can never go back

What The F$%# Happened The The Delta I Used To Know?

Tough, nigh on incredulous times.  

Since I moved back to the San Joaquin Valley I am back in amongst a lot more of my conservative brethren.  These are people who still go on  about Bill Clinton’s lack of moral integrity.  They stay awake at night cursing the malignant narcissist that currently sits in the Oval Office because dammit, CHARACTER COUNTS!

I’ll give you one guess as to who’s giving them an electoral stiffy.  trumpThe intellectual disconnect going on amongst conservatives here is stunning. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. And speaking of sad, over on facebook I see this: Open Carry Here we have a guy who, in the wake of the Chatanooga attack is standing in the gap, protecting a Marine recruiting center.  A guy who has painstakingly threaded the regulatory needle to obtain a fearsome short barreled… rifle without the tax stamp and yet has neglected to put any sort of aiming device on said fetish object!  Jesus wept… can you imagine being the poor Gunnery Sgt. rotating through their last stretch in the service and having to say hi to this protective detail every morning?  

Oh well, at least he’s not wearing Multi Cam.