All Punched Out

Started my day yesterday by arguing with a good friend on Facebook about immigration policy and Muslims.  Then I changed my profile picture to an angry Viking in response to all the mopey Pray For Paris posts I was getting from people who don’t pray for anything except maybe no rain at Bonneroo.

I liked a whole buttload of awsome images of bombers, guns, soldiers and fierce American Eagles until I felt myself lapsing into a testosterone coma. I decided to call it a day on teh interwebs when I saw this.


Jesus wept.

Am I the only one sick of this outrage/internet hamster wheel?  

New Rules For Radicals


I was saddened to hear that Melissa Click has resigned her position at the University of Missouri.  She should have been unceremoniously fired.  The same goes for UMO staffer Janna Bassler who was also caught on video threatening a UMO student.

In her resignation announcement Click, lamented that she had received death threats and feared for her family’s safety.  One thing these people need to realize is that no matter how just they perceive their cause to be, when they start climbing down into the abyss of rage, lawlessness and violence, the abyss looks back and is estimating the range to target.

Hmmmmm this sounds like a great idea for another book I’ll never write.


Go Bush! No Please, Just Go

In Houston, former Presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush—and former First Lady Barbara Bush—will huddle with the third Bush family member seeking to ascend to the presidency, Jeb.

The meetings will also include several campaign fundraisers with top high-dollar Texas donors, as the two former presidents seek to jump-start a stalled Jeb campaign.

Meanwhile, from the banks of Moosehead Lake,The Piscataquis Observer reports…

Go Bush