Dogs Unleashed

"That side belongs to you and me" - Woodie Guthrie

                     “That side belongs to you and me” – Woody Guthrie

The rebellion welcomes Freddie and his buddy Mike.  Our fight started roughly a year ago after we arrived in San Deigo.  It was our response to the envirofetishists that have regulated the fun out of some otherwise great public spaces. 

There are varying degrees of resistance.  Some simply wish to exercise their dogs while others, like me wish to make more of a statement.  Not only do I let my dog run free as Jehovah intended, I let my my dog crap wherever he wants and if it’s off trail, I refuse to pick it up!Freedom The place is overrun with deer, coyotes, rabbits and raccoons so I figure if the native flora and fauna can’t handle a little extra fertilizer, tough shit. When they start making the equestrians clean up their sizable mess off the trails, perhaps then we’ll reconsider our tactics.

Walking free with your dog is one of life’s true pleasures but we were reminded recently that freedom, like life itself is filled with risk.  Murphy’s comrade Kayla was recently bitten on the muzzle by a baby rattlesnake. She probably would have been bitten even if she was on a leash because the snake was on concrete under some bleachers right by where everybody walks.  Kayla stopped, took a sniff and jumped back I confirmed it was indeed a rattlesnake and walked both dogs slowly back to the car.  By the time we got home we could see swelling and two tiny fang marks so it was off to the vet.  The next day she was good as new but the cost of the treatment was sobering indeed.    

Yes freedom isn’t free but we are continually heartened by the many reminders that we are not alone in this struggle.


                                                       I hope some day you will join us!

Imperial Beach


There’s no getting around it, beach towns are tourist towns. Imperial Beach is no different but it’s just a bit… funky is not the right word. Imperial Beach is a throwback to a more innocent time.   It’s more of a Saltwater Taffy vibe as opposed to say Ocean Beach’s ganja  vibe.

I came to Imperial Beach for the pier fishing but I keep coming back because of the friendly, interesting people I meet.

Kick-Ass Koreans

                                                         Kick-Ass Koreans

Homemade gear guru Mike

                                                  Homemade gear guru Mike

Nathan (the terrible) from Russia

                                              Nathan (the terrible) from Russia

My work buddy Mike!

                                                    My work buddy Mike!

And then there was this couple back mid-pier. Fishing together with their baby in a stroller, I had to get a photo of that right?  Jovial Eastern Europeans I was getting the picture framed just right when BAM! Dad gets a bite!  a few minutes later Dad has a Bonito over the rail and I thought “yep that’s IB right there!”


Simple Again

“When it’s all’s been said and done, a whole lot more has been said than done” – The Pope of Peñasquitos

I think I’ve arrived at a place where I just really don’t give a rip about all manner of gear and people’s opinions about gear.  I’m more interested in seeing what people do with what they have at hand.  I’m more interested in expanding my skillset than expanding the crap I have to purchase and store and transport.  I just got tired of falling into that trap where passion veers away from experiences and off into acquisition and endless blather.  So I’ve let it all go.

It’s a strange and wonderful feeling. Like a heavy fog is lifting to reveal old, vaguely familiar surroundings in a warm delightful light.



Where Hippies Fear To Tread


The Peace Corps in action  Liberia 07/14

                                       The Peace Corps in action, Liberia 07/14

The health, safety and security of Volunteers are Peace Corps’ top priorities. In July, the Peace Corps announced the temporary removal of Volunteers from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea due to the increasing spread of the Ebola virus, and in October, officially suspended these programs. 

Apparently, the health, safety and security of US Military personnel isn’t a top priority for anybody in The Obama administration.


MONROVIA, LIBERIA – OCTOBER 09: A health worker takes the temperature of U.S. Marines arriving to take part in Operation United Assistance on October 9, 2014 near Monrovia, Liberia. Some 90 Marines landed on KC-130 transport planes and MV-22 Ospreys to support the American effort to contain the Ebola epidemic. The Ospreys, which can land vertically like helicopters, will transport U.S. troops and supplies as they build 17 Ebola treatment centers around Liberia. U.S. President Barack Obama has committed up to 4,000 troops in West Africa to combat the disease. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

So my question is, if they can’t stick around to provide humitarian aid in a time of real crisis, why do we even have a Peace Corps? I know from family experience the Marine Corps needs every penny they can get. How about we send the hippies home for good and give their budget to our beloved Devil Dogs?

There Will Be Banjos

HSBG 2014

Spent the whole damn day watching the live video feed for the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.  In some ways it was better than being at the actual show.  For instance, cold beer and a clean restroom were just a few steps away.  Also I could sing and play my guitar along with my heroes in darn near real time.  Cosmic Baby! Some great performances today and tomorrow will hold some more.  Highlight of the day for me was seeing our buddy Chuck Prophet pay homage to Lou Reed as part of the star studded Holler Down The Hollow (a tribute to the masters).   Chuck That was followed by a what can only be described as a sublime set from The Dave Rawlings Machine and an adrenaline fueled finale by Social Distortion.

Story of my lie-high-high -hife!

Social Distortion:  Story of my lie-high-high -hife!

Just For The Record

Favorite Things I Love San Diego (sung to the tune of My Favorite Things)

Haas avocados 4 for a dollar

Mister A’s terrace and swank Happy Hour

Hamilton’s jukebox, takeout draft beer

These are some things San Diegans hold dear

The old slumb’ring cat down at Adams Used Books

Shit fer brains Mackerel that bite on bare hooks

Pt Loma sunsets, the canyons at dawn

Board shorts and hoodies all winter long!

La Jolla surfers ride waves like Hawaiians

OB has Hippies and Rastafauxrians

South Bay Vatos… Jarheads and SEALS

East County rednecks all keepin’ it real

When The wind blows When the sage burns

When you’re sweatin’ your rent

Just think of these things while you write out that check

and consider it money well spent!