High Tide At Dog Beach


I get to see the ocean everyday!  After 10 months down here the sight of the Pacific Ocean still thrills my heart but like many of the locals, (I don’t consider myself a local here) we don’t get to actually enjoy the ocean as much as we’d like.

Yesterday though we took Murph-dog up to Del Mar’s Dog Beach and I tried to catch some fish and Mrs Sepulveda looked for rocks and shells and we all came home tired, sunburned and had salt water and sand in all our orifices.   It was wonderful.



"See, SEE what happens when you hump Dobermans!"

                        “See, SEE what happens when you hump Dobermans!”

Song Of The Week: Age of Miracles


If I was curator of The Cool Hall of Fame, there’d be a whole damn wing devoted to Chuck Prophet.  I won’t say that his old band, Green On Red actually invented the genre we now call Americana but they were definitely there in the garage, drinking beer.

Since then he has forged a critically acclaimed solo career by making music that simultaneously celebrates and subverts rock’s golden age.  Along the way Mr Prophet has co-written songs with the likes of Peter Wolf, Alejandro Escovedo and Dan Penn. ’nuff said?

This week we got news that Chuck is releasing a new album titled Night Surfer so I thought I’d mark the occasion by posting Age of Miracles for song of the week.

EZ Chords & Lyrics




Now What Do You Want To Do?

via Kirk Freeman on facebook

                                                   via Kirk Freeman on facebook

Had a great day yesterday.  I know it’s impossible for a four day work week to be longer and harder than a regular 5/40 but this one sure seemed to grind. I mean it was asses and elbows right up until the end but yesterday made it all worthwhile. First off, huge props to Tamara Keel for teeing the ball up early on her facebook page.  When it comes to #Murica!, we her motley legions of fanbois only need to be pointed in the right direction, given a gentle shove and we’re off, as can be seen in the picture above. Needless to say, after several cups of coffee and crowing around on facebook, I was in a dangerous mood.  It was only 10:00 AM and I was floating Gatorade Margarita trial balloons but better voices prevailed.  Instead I used that new-fangled amazon instant viewing thingamabob and we watched Lone Survivor. Jeez what to say about that? Only that it’s right and good to celebrate such men and ideals on Independence Day. Even if you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of living up to them, it give’s you something to strive for. Lutrell and Gulab Later we piled in the car and headed down to the harbor to watch some fireworks. By sheer serendipity we found an excellent viewing platform that also served great food and  draft beer.  The crowd was small and fun and we all vowed to keep this place a secret for next year.

We capped off the night by taking the dogs down to the park and were rewarded with Mule Deer out grazing in the baseball fields.  The dogs were offleash (as per usual) and chased the deer off into the thicket along the creek.  My heart soared like an eagle.

Burrito Madness

I am a burrito expert. It ain’t braggin’ if it’s a fact. My qualifications?  30 years of running up and down and all around California (the undisputed burrito capital of the world) on a low budget.  I have my preferences and favorite places but don’t belittle or begrudge anybody theirs.

I’ve noticed San Diegans are rightfully proud of their development of not only the Fish Taco but the California Burrito as well.  A California Burrito simply substitutes  french fries for the beans and rice in a real regular burrito. This is fine by me but what frosts my balls is they take it a step over the line by refusing (I suspect some type of ordinance) to sell burritos with meat, beans and rice.  I’ve looked high and low for 10 months and I can’t get no burrito satisfaction.

This drives me mad because San Diego does all other kinds of Mexican Food amazingly well. Yesenia’s over in Carmel Mountain rolls my all time favorite breakfast burrito with eggs, chorizo, bacon, potatoes and cheese and their salsa bar is incredible but when I want a real NorCal style carne asada burrito? No dice.

Don’t get me wrong, carne asada, cheese and french fries wrapped up in a flour tortilla tastes great! Especially after you’ve been recreating your ass off and/or smoking alot of pot down at the beach which people tend to do quite a bit of down here. But if you complain about their lack of diversity the locals get really defensive.

I can hear some of you asking “So Sepulveda, who does make the best burrito in California?” I wouldn’t presume to make such a pronouncement but I will tell you about a couple favorites.

1.  After a long morning session fishing on the Russian River, I stumbled upon a little joint in Forrestville.  This burrito was done right.  Tender, savory carne asada, slow cooked, lightly seasoned whole pinto beans, a little pinch of steamed rice, onions and cilantro and some amazing crumbled cheese that the server reflexively identified as “Jack”.  Salsa on the side of course.  Yes I was famished (as are most people that order humongous burritos) but it’s been over five years and I still think of La Rosa Market & Taqueria fondly.

2.  Back when I was jack-rabbiting up and down Central Calif, I settled on Taqueria el Grullense Jal as my go-to burrito joint. They have locations in Gilroy, Los Banos, Chowchilla, Merced and probably other towns I am unaware of.  Basically these guys do the same thing as above but the meat is not quite as tender and they don’t have that fresh tangy  mystery cheese.

Touched By An Angel…. err I Mean Celebrity

Did your facebook news feed get taken over by Amy Adams Thursday afternoon?  I know mine did.

Adams tells Inside Edition of her kind gesture, “I didn’t do it for attention for myself. I did it for attention for the Troops.”

Talk about unintended consequences. I’m trying my darnedest to find a picture of the soldier she swapped seats with or even his(?) name but all google keeps spitting back at me is pictures of Amy Adams.

God bless the impulse in Ms Adams’ heart and the action she took to follow it up.  But God bless our Troops all the more.