Song Of The Week: Can’t Cry Anymore


I love this picture of Winston Churchill.  The properly vulgar two fingered salute, the smile but most of all, the gleam in his eyes.  Taken in 1942, not after some electoral triumph or stunning battlefield success but during a visit to Bradford to simply bolster people’s spirit in that long, slow middle distance of the fight.

Ferocious intelligence, courage, humor and humanity all in equal quantities.  I’m tempted to lament how we could use leaders like these today but I think it’s better to strive to be a person like this today and simply get on to the business at hand.

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Fear Is The Greatest Salesman



I really wish there were good music stations on my car radio so I wouldn’t have to listen to so many people talking all day. I’ve come to realize that for many of them, their primary job is to scare the living shit out of their audience.

If I had $20.00 for every time somebody on the radio or the internet said “the world is on fire” this week, I’d be able go out and buy …. jeez the list, it goes on and on. What would you go out and buy? Would you buy anything?

This week, a real nice lady I know (that listens to a ton of conservative talk radio) told me that she wants to build a little panic room under her bedroom floor.  She showed me how she wants to be able to run into her closet, slam the door and then shimmy down a ladder or Bat Pole or something.  She’s fuzzy on the details but she’s seriously afraid of  some kind  of socioeconomic/bio-hazard/Muslim calamity befalling her.  Here. In one of the nicest neighborhoods in America’s Finest City. She wants to learn how to use a gun but she’s scared shitless of those too.

She buys books by Ben Carson and Dinesh D’Souza,  I buy SWAT Magazine and we both think we are educating and equipping ourselves to survive hard times.  What we are really doing is comforting ourselves by reinforcing long held beliefs. Truth be told we are simply entertaining ourselves. We’re like kids at camp, telling stories around the fire.  

“It was exactly 10 years ago tonight… Cody Allen Schwartz went nuts…  He murdered those three slutty campers, took all their Cheetos and Kit Kats and wandered off into these very same BOOGA BOOGA!”

No Country For Old (white) Men: 3


In addition to the graphic above, I came across a profound quote in a Washington Post article concerning Robin Williams’ death.

“Things aren’t the way they used to be…” – Dost Ongur, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. 

I could make some snarky Captain Obvious remark but that’s not helpful.  More helpful is Chris Muir over at Day by Dayhe has a graphic too.

Song Of The Week: Starman


You ever have one of those “HELP ME MR. WIZARD!!!” episodes?  You know, where you feel like something drastic better happen soon or… something’s gonna blow.  I used to feel that way in the summers when I was kid, sitting around the house bored out of my mind. Nowadays those episodes are triggered by personal finances… or Sunday morning news shows.

The other day I was driving around fixating on my problems when the news comes on the radio of the airdrops in Iraq.  All politics aside, NPR is very good at what they do and before long I was imagining myself being one of those Yasidi parents trapped on a mountaintop in northern Iraq, watching my kids dehydrate in the summer sun.  In my mind’s eye I see a couple huge planes approach and then… bundles start dropping out of them and floating down our way.  Water, food! Thank God!  

Then I imagined how that parent would feel about people on the other side of the globe that can accomplish such things at a moment’s notice whenever and wherever they feel like doing so and all of a sudden my problems don’t seem that big at all. Let all the children boogie indeed.

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Song Of The Week: ’70s Summer Twofer

I’m in a good mood. We are getting some much needed rain (thank you Jesus!) plus by some semi-annual quirk of the calendar I get three paychecks this month! That and I’m currently infatuated with the Wurlitzer electric piano which these two songs feature prominently.

First up: Some fuzzy, dope smoking one hit wonders who called themselves King Harvest and yielded up the downright infectious Dancing In The Moonlight.  They then proceeded to ride off into fuzzy, dope smoking obscurity.  I don’t have the intro exactly right yet but I’m calling it close enough for Rock & Roll.

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Bonus track is a heaping helping of rainy day goodness from Neil Young. I’m sitting here, charting out this song in my jammies with a good cup of coffee and Ben Keith’s steel guitar is giving me a big warm musical hug. Boy is he ever missed.

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Men at work:  Neil Young and Ben Keith

                                         Men at work: Neil Young and Ben Keith

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