Well Shit

Tamara Keel has turned the free ice cream machine off.  A spark of genuine critical thinking in Gun Culture 2.0, hers is as they say in book reviews “a bold,original voice”.  Funny as hell too I might add. Of all the bloggers I’ve read over the past 10 -12 years or so she was the best writer of the bunch.  She gets more done with a sentence or a hyperlink and a savagely snarky comment than many manage to articulate in an entire article. Reading View From The Porch was part of my morning ritual for years and it will be sorely missed.



Song Of The Week: Into The Mystic

Covering Van Morrison songs is tricky.  You have to acknowledge going in that compared to the original studio version, your rendition will suck.  However, you can take comfort in knowing that compared to the original studio version, Van Morrison’s renditions usually suck as well.

Still... some people suck more than others

              Still… some people suck more than others

EZ Chords & Lyrics

PS For those of you in the greater San Diego area, come out and see me suck on this song tonight at Barfly in LaJolla

Gear Queers

This is difficult. Have you ever found yourself so interested, fascinated… besotted with something that you realize you’ve passed over into the realm of fetishizing it?  We all  I joke about mall ninjas and gun porn but the reason it’s so funny is because we I recognize a bit of myself in the joke.

I have been told by people I respect that I have impeccable taste but I’ve come to question my motivations and expectations when it comes to gear acquisition and perhaps I’ve projected a bit of that into the whole debate on Militarization of the police.  Maybe, I don’t know.

All I know is when I got pulled over a couple years ago by a young cop wearing a Multicam Molle vest, it wasn’t his sidearm or the AR15 in the dash rack that bothered me, it was that vest and the subdued Turlock PD patch Velcro’ed to his baseball cap. That and the big stick up his ass.

“Do you know why I pulled you over today sir?”

I felt like saying “No officer I don’t, aren’t all the Taliban over in Southwest Asia?” but of course I didn’t, I was just as polite as I always am to any LEO.  But if he mistook my manners for respect he was wrong.