Song Of The Week: Cure For Pain

Morphine:  Dana Colley Billy Conway and Mark Sandman

                 Morphine: Dana Colley, Billy Conway and Mark Sandman

Music is an endless source of nourishment for me and I’m pretty much omnivorous. From Rock and Country, to Blues and all varieties of “race” music, to the most saccharine Pop, I love it all. The only common denominator I require is a big fat groove.  I appreciate good songcraft and lyrics but if a song doesn’t get my butt moving, it’s hard for me to pay attention long enough to discover those finer points.

Which brings me to a band called Morphine,  Three guys that understood the elemental physics involved in moving people’s butts and ultimately their hearts.  I could try to expound on all kinds of BS about low frequencies and pulse, not to mention Mark Sandman’s mongrel 2 string bass and Dana Colley playing double sax but it’s better to just listen to a few of their songs, you will understand immediately.  I’ll just say they were a truly great band and if you’ve got 85 minutes to spare, you can get  a thorough rundown here.

I try to approximate Cure For Pain on guitar by tuning the low E down to D. This turns a sweet and mild mannered D chord into a bigger, meaner animal without getting in the way of the other chord shapes on the upper 5 strings.

EZ Chords & Lyrics

Double White Lobster Man!!!!

This via Scuttlefish:  Albino lobsters — the rarest of all the crustacean’s color mutations — are believed to be about one in 100 million.

So, what are the odds of two midcoast lobstermen catching two albino lobsters within a week for the same lobster pound?.

It’s gotta foretell something right?  Is it the coming of el Niño? The age of Aquarius? $2.00 gas? Your guess is as good as mine.

                                               What does it mean????!!!!

Song Of The Week: I Want To Sing That Rock&Roll

On facebook this morning I saw one of those clickbait headlines on my sidebar “Gene Simmons declares Rock is dead”  I made the mistake of clicking and reading the story.  Let me just give you a brief overview.


There are a thousand different reasons to give up on Rock & Roll, there always have been.  Just like there have always been a thousand reasons to give up on anything worthwhile.  Be it a challenging new job, a stalled project… your marriage.  Anything good and rewarding is going to pose challenges and opportunities to throw in the towel.

I’d rather hear from those who still can, will and want to throw down. 

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The Green Flash

Green Flash

The great thing about the quest to see the Green Flash is that it gives you a reason to go out, find a good view and watch the sun go down… unless you are my friend Bradd.  Bradd simply grabs a beverage and goes out on his balcony overlooking Black’s Beach.   As the sky turns from blue to orange and purple, he begins to dance around shouting Zul!  Flash or no flash, it’s a great show.

For me and my wife, the quest usually involves a short drive over to Torrey Pines, Del Mar or Sunset Cliffs.  We’ve never seen it but that doesn’t stop us from trying.  Which leads me to this from The Scuttlefish:  “As much as people love sunsets, they love the idea of the green flash even more.” That’s it right there.

Like most natural phenomena, there is solid science to explain it all away.  I’d never tell Bradd but you don’t even need to be near the ocean to see a Green Flash.  You don’t even need a sunset. Theoretically, according to experts, a sunrise in Lafayette should work just as well as a sunset in La Jolla but who wants to get up that early? 


Fortunately in San Diego we don’t have to.  In fact even when it’s foggy we are blessed with surefire Green Flashes every Tuesday thru Sunday.


Well Shit

Tamara Keel has turned the free ice cream machine off.  A spark of genuine critical thinking in Gun Culture 2.0, hers is as they say in book reviews “a bold,original voice”.  Funny as hell too I might add. Of all the bloggers I’ve read over the past 10 -12 years or so she was the best writer of the bunch.  She gets more done with a sentence or a hyperlink and a savagely snarky comment than many manage to articulate in an entire article. Reading View From The Porch was part of my morning ritual for years and it will be sorely missed.